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"Rangoli" - a floor art of India.

The above flower is based on Rangoli drawn by B.P.Bayari of Chitra Kuteera,Udupi,India. Normally, Rangoli is done by woman

of the house. B.P.Bayari was the only male Rangoli artist who worked all his life promoting this art.

I pay tribute to him, and also for all those rural artists of India who worked all their life without any recognition.

These are some demonstration to create them step by step.

To view applets you might need to download java on your Browser.

This is a simple padma for starter. [click here]

This is how one can expand the above padma and colour them. [click here] (This is done by thread, first it draws some points and then joins them)

If you want more of a challenge then try this one. [click here]

This is an incomplete rangoli pattern and you can use your own imagination to complete it. [click here] (takes some time to start)

Here is another one. Dots starts from 9 to 1.Background colour of Applet doesn't work in Windows Vista so try this.

This one looks simple but may be little difficult to do it from the scrach.

This pattern commonly found in rangoli books. (Dots 8-8 straight)

Here is an example of Border Rangoli(4X6 dots). You can find them in Rangoli books too. You can use them in any where, with light(invisible) dots.

Rangoli is called as Rangavalli in ThamiluNadu(India). Here are two examples of Rangavalli with 9X9 straight dots.

Example 1.

Example 2.

Press "Run" button again if the thread disappears in the middle.

Please leave me a comment if you really have something to say. Donít try to sell something online because I donít like to buy anything online. I

would rather go out and buy stuff, that way it would be a good day out for me. Thank you.


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Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Augustus de Morgan .
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